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Proactively Communicate with Your Customers & Deliver Great Customer Experiences

Our Outbound IVR Campaigns is a solution used to proactively distribute communications to customers. This technology allows an organization to automatically engage their customers through automated voice calls that offer a wide range of customized actions via a menu of choices. Customers can navigate an answered call by initiating a preset configured array of actionable choices that include - playing of Pre-recorded prompts, sending of SMS, or even connecting to a call center via SIP trunks - through the touch tones (DTMF) feature of their phone. Behind the scenes, we keep track of the call volume in terms of answers and non-answers, duration and choices, data about every call - including actions taken, date and time, called parties, call completion status, call duration, call cost, and more.

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Use Cases

Conduct Marketing Campaigns with Feedback

  • IVR campaigns can be can be used for marketing purposes, such as alerting potential customers about a new sale or product, as well as for communicating with existing customers. For example, a call center might use the solution to make sales pitches to potential clients and get immediate feedback about their interest in the product. When the marketing is conducted by a recording, they're more likely to be honest in their replies. If marketing is the driving force behind your company adopting the mblastr IVR Campaign system is your best solution.

Deliver Critical Alerts/Reminders/Notifications

  • A persistently ringing phone is harder to ignore than a text or push message, so using a voice call to deliver a critical alert increases the likelihood of you being heard. Alert about a cancelled flight or reminders about restaurant reservations, scheduled car repairs; the convenience factor alone makes it a no-brainer for customers to share their phone number. Configure the system for users to press a key after they have acknowledged to receive the alert to ensure alerts are delivered and use alternate contacts if no receipt is detected. Run reports to see who was contacted and their responses to the alert.

Conduct Surveys & Polls

  • Collecting accurate and timely data related to customer feedback can be difficult. People are busy and may forget that they were asked to fill out a survey online when checking out at the store. Use mblastr IVR campaigns to survey customers who are testing new products in beta or you can be proactive in collecting feedback about purchases by sending out automated survey after a purchase or customer service experience to gauge satisfaction. The survey can ask yes-or-no or multiple-choice questions. It's flexible and the surveys can be easily updated to reflect new stages in your product testing. This allows quicker collection of data and responses, including sharing compliments or targeting areas for improvement. The results of the IVR survey are immediately accessible after a customer has completed the survey. This enables your team to take action to resolve issues or make adjustments as needed based on the information your customers have provided.

Conduct Market Research to Decode Purchasing Preferences, Habits, and Needs

  • Get to know your customer demographic and decode their purchasing preferences, habits, and needs with phone surveys. Phone surveys will help you learn your customers attitudes about your industry, your products and services, and themselves. Market research not only helps you understand your current customers, it helps you understand your potential customers and opportunities for growth. Conducting this type of research via IVR phone survey helps you to be agile questions can be updated and changed as needed, and results can be viewed and analyzed instantly. IVR surveying for market research is more cost-effective than hiring a team of surveyors and buying expensive equipment to conduct the research.

How it works

We Call Everyone

You initiate simultaneous voice calls to everyone who needs to know about your alert/ notification/ reminder/ survey.

Recipients Answer

Call recipients answer the phone.

Recipient hears Greeting Message & Menu options

Configured pre-recorded greeting message is played to the recpient and recipient selects the next action from a list of menu choices (optional).

Run Reports

You can run reports to see who was contacted (and when) as well as who responded (and when & for what duration) and the choices they made (all in realtime).