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Send your IVR Campaigns & OTPs through our Have 900+ Connections through all carriers in India

Our Outbound IVR Campaigns solution is used to proactively distribute communications to customers. This technology allows an organization to automatically engage their customers through automated voice calls that offer a wide range of customized actions via a menu of choices.

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Protect your users from account takeovers and data theft. Secure accounts by setting up our OTP solutions via SMS or Voice at crucial points within your platform. mblastr OTP verification service can help them achieve security without any additional associated costs. The Push OTP solution leverages out-of-band communication channels to provide a frictionless user experience around two-factor authentication with a mobile phone.


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Seamlessly integrate our Voice & SMS messaging solutions within your CRM software, website, or app. Read up on our developer documentation and send your IVR Campaigns & OTPs through our 900+ carrier connections across India. For better experience use our API and keep yourself Connected.


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