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Reliable Two-factor Authentication solutions via
One Time Passwords

Two Factor Authentication via Voice & SMS

With increased cyberattacks, every company and individual is looking for a way they can protect their data and resources. Secure customer accounts by setting up our OTP solutions via SMS or Voice at crucial points within your platform to prevent account takeovers and data theft. mblastr OTP solution leverages out-of-band communication channels to provide a frictionless user experience around two-factor authentication with a mobile phone. It's likely that most users already own and always carry a phone that can be used as a second factor of authentication. mblastr provides OTP verification service that they can be easily integrated with our OTP PUSH or Redirect REST API to provide secure login to customers' data and resources. We provide OTP verification over phone (Voice Call & SMS).

99.99% Uptime guaranteed

95% Voice/SMS Delivery

One Time Passwords via SMS

With a 98% open rate within 30 seconds, SMS is known for its high reliability. By sending One Time Passwords via SMS, you are sure to reach your users wherever they are. Even when users don't have access to the internet they can still use this multi-factor authentication solution. This makes SMS a reliable channel to reach a larger target audience and time cricital messages. Integrating, generating and verifying SMS OTP is easy and secure with our API.

One Time Passwords via Voice

An alternative to SMS is Voice. With Voice, the spoken password is received as a phone call on the user's mobile. The passwords will not be stored on the user's phone and Voice allows you to reach users with limited sight. You can also implement Voice as a back-up in case your SMS is not delivered.

One Time Passwords via Hybrid

By making smart combinations between our different OTP solutions, you will make sure all passwords are delivered successfully. In case an SMS cannot be delivered, you can choose Voice as a backup.

How can you use our solution?

Push One Time Password

Send us your OTP request with the recipient's numbers and the OTP password and we will aggresively deliver it to the recipients with our network reliability. You can check the status of the request in realtime through our REST API.

Redirect the User to us

Redirect the user to us via HTTP/HTTPS for verification. we'll take care of the rest. We generate the codes, localize, use the fastest channel available and send you updates about the transaction all in realtime.